iPhone firmware 2.0 is GOLDEN!

gold iphoneGizmodo is reporting that iPhone 2.0 firmware will be locked for shipping this week sometime. This is called “Gold Master” when it is ready to be released out into the wild. This does not mean we will see it this week, but it DOES mean it is ready to go out the door.

My prediction is we will not see the release of it until the launch of the new iPhone, but I have been wrong before.

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New Wallpapers added!

hello-kitty-iphone-wallpaper-flowersIncluded in our Wallpapers section are 9 new images, from scenery to comic characters. Please check them out here: iPhone Wallpapers

We will be updating this page with not only new and exciting wallpapers, but links to wallpaper websites for your iPhone.

Check back often!

Watch the WWDC 2008 Keynote

Here is the link to the keynote where Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 3G.

WWDC 2008 Keynote (in QuickTime)

Deals on iPhones…

This is a great time to be an iPhone fan right now, with the announcement that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 3G in a few weeks. What does this mean to the average user, without a current iPhone?

DEALS! Now, a lot of people who already own an iPhone are thinking of placing their existing iPhones on eBay for a fraction of the cost they paid for it. What this means is that someone without a iPhone (if they were not needing any of the specific featured in the 3G like GPS, etc.) to purchase a 1st Gen iPhone for probably around $100 or so.

So keep an eye out. Check eBay often, and you may just get yourself a sweet deal on the older iPhones quite soon!


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Super Monkey Ball iPhone Game Demo

This is from the SDK Demo

Super Monkey Ball by Sega

YouTube Preview Image

Cant wait for this game!

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