Top 5 Free Apps for iPhone…June 3, 2011

1. Old School Blocks… Game

2. Talking Tom Cat 2 … Entertainment

3. City Friends … Game

4. Fragger… Games

5. Future Baby’s Face … Utility

Top 5 Paid Apps…June 3, 2011



1.  The Heist … Game $0.99

2.  Angry Birds … Game

3.  Tiny Wings … Game $0.99

4.  Fruit Ninja … Game $0.99

5.  Angry Birds Rio … Game $0.99


5 Daily Apps I CAN’T Live Without…

1.  Twit Bird … $ Free

This app does have adds, but you can purchase the Premium or Pro versions based on your needs.  The free version app allows you to track up to two twitter accounts, save links to read later, tweet video, or voice, geotag, and push notification ability.

2.  FML … $ Free

I think most people are aware of what this stands for, this app delivers hysterical anecdotes from people all over the world.  You can comment or vote on if you agree with them.  This gives me quite a chuckle and pick me up when I feel I am having a bad day.

3.  I Love Free Things … $ Free

The title says it all, this app collects all free offers that are available out there into one place and provides link directly to the offer.

4.  Horoscopes by … $ Free

Of all the apps, and sites for that matter, providing horoscopes this is the only one who is so on target its almost frightening sometimes.  The app provides your daily horoscope by master astrologer Rick Levine, with additional goodies such as your weekly love horoscope, descriptions of each sign and links to podcasts and other upcoming events.

5.  Positive Discipline … $2.99

I am always looking for the best way to handle situations with my daughter and I have been reading up on the positive discipline method which led me to this handy tool.  The app provides you 52 alternatives to punishment that also teach children valuable social and life skills such as self discipline, responsibility, cooperation and problem solving skills.

iRobot Lego iPhone Wallpaper

Groovy Find … Mobi Charging Dish

For $5 thru you can snag this multi functional rubberized charging dish, by Alan Wisniewski.  The opening in the base allows you to plug your device into its charger, and you can use the tray for any of your other pocket contents.  Comes in black and pink and measures 7 x 3 x 5″ (17 x 8 x 13cm).


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