You may have seen this little black and white square on the products you are shopping for and on advertisements at businesses such as Old Navy, Target, Better Homes & Gardens, Website Magazine, and many other places. You also maybe wondering exactly what it is for.

Scanbury Inc. the makers of ScanLife have created this awesome free app that with your smartphone can scan these little squares which are a new type of barcode. ( it’s available for free from the App Store.)   Once you scan the barcode you are provided with either special deals or additional product information. One recent example is seeing the barcode used at Old Navy, where scanning in the app entered you into some sort of contest.

But that’s not all, you can also use the app to scan regular barcodes in for price comparing, reviews, accessory options, and for nutritional information on food items. It states it supports all barcode formats.

I have been scanning everything in sight with this thing, (it’s a lot of fun and kind of addicting). I highly recommend this app to all shoppers out there looking for more information on the products they see on the shelves.





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