Buzz on the web is that Google is testing a music service to rival Apple iTunes.  Many have tried and failed, it is nice to see such a worthy opponent such as Google attempting to give it a whirl.  There is also talk that they are attempting their own Facebook of sorts.

According to “Hadley Reynolds, an analyst with IDC, said it would be a good idea for Google to take on Apple and its popular iTunes service. While iTunes has had a significant head start, a similar service from Google for Android devices could chip away at Apple in a lucrative business.“The iPod and iTunes, and later the iPhone and the iPad and iTunes, has given Apple close to a decade to define this mobile music experience in its own terms,” said Reynolds. “The proliferation of Android devices is creating a customer base that will pull Google into competition with Apple in these areas.”

Now obviously if you are reading this, you know I clearly side with Apple, and therefore feel it won’t be too much of a fight.

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