I just got my iPad Keyboard Dock sent into our offices, and I am very happy with it. For those who do not know, this is a great keyboard for those who need to type lengthy documents and emails who want more of a tactile feel than the onboard keyboard.

Now, Apple always pleases me with their functionality. I have not had any problems using the onboard keyboard to do long periods of writing. It is very responsive and I never have many typing errors. The reason I got the Keyboard Dock is because I wanted to be able to charge my iPad while working, I like the way the iPad sits on the keyboard and the extra buttons on the keyboard is amazing.

If you have used the newest wired and wireless keyboards on any Apple product, it will be zero learning curve for you. This product is basically the Apple bluetooth keyboard with the dock fixed on the back of it. What sets this apart from the other keyboard is the iPad specific functions right on the keyboard.

You have the usual Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, and the volume keys that work with the iPod app as well as a spotlight key that lets you search, a home button key that with a single click brings you back to the home screen. Double clicking on the home button brings up the open apps for multi tasking. There is also brightness controls, a button to lock the keyboard from being used (which also turns off the iPad), and two more keys. First is the keyboard key that brings up the onscreen keyboard (not sure why you would need that yet) and a photo key that brings up a slideshow.

I do not see this keyboard dock easy for transport. The dock part of the keyboard does not comes off, and it is a little bulky and a bit heavy. But if you have a location you plan on working for long periods of time, it is perfect.

I hope to use the iPad more on a day to day basis for 99% of my work day, and leaving this in my office will be perfect. I plan on doing most of my work this week with just the iPad, leaving my Keyboard Dock in the office, and then taking my iPad home every night. I do have a Macbook Pro that I use regularly for heavy lifting of Photoshop or Dreamweaver, but it will be great not to lug anything around but just my iPad and my Moleskine notebook each day.

Some of the comments I have been reading have said it is better for people to buy the Bluetooth keyboard since it is much easier for transport, but I love this thing and plan on it working with me for most of my work week.

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