I have been using Amesome Note for some time now, I hadn’t realized I never shared it with you guys.  This app is a total LIFESAVER.  If you are anything like me, you forget everything if you don’t right it down. Of course also like me, I usually loose the paper I write it down on.  Now thanks to this app, I can not only take a note down at the moment I think it, but I never loose it either.

It’s virtually a file cabinet of my notes (aka thoughts).  There is a file for ideas, Shopping, To-Do’s, even a travel diary.  In each file you can then create several different notes.  For example under my “Shopping” file i have a note for the things I need at each store I need to go to (ex. Walmart, Target, Shoprite, Home Depot).  I set them up to look like post it notes so I can easily see which one I need to go into when I get to that store.

Unlike Microsoft One Note, its not a requirement to be linked to a live web data bank.  You can however select if you choose google docs, or evernote to sync your notes with.  You can insert images, maps, set alarms, view a calendar, and email notes directly from the app as well.  You can also set up password protection if you choose.

Now a little part of me misses the whole scratching things off the list, thou it happened very rarely since I always forgot my list, but hey now I just use the backspace key.

I almost forgot you can also change text size, font, and stationary of each note.  It is extremely versatile and a big time saver.

The Lite version is free however has a limit of only 10 notes.  The full version is obviously unlimited and costs $3.99.

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