Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies.

The Period Tracker Deluxe by GP Inter

national LLC, has made my life complete.  Thanks to this handy little app, you no longer need to fear when your period is due. It is so simple to use, after you enter in a couple of minor details about your normal cycle, it calculates out your due dates from there, and when you get it, all you do is hit one button, and it will cycle out the next due date for you.


The app also allows for you to enter in details regarding all your symptoms each month which comes in handy for those who maybe considering on trying to have children, or for when the doctor asks those questions that you never can seem to remember the answers to. I highly recommend this app for all women out there who are still dealing with mother natures little gift.


Price: $1.99 , there is however a lite version.

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