Cardstar Application

Price: Free iphoneinterface

Developer:  Mesa Dynamics LLC

This groovy little app takes all those membership, customer, and discount club cards and puts them all in one place…your iPhone.  I was extremely excited at the thought of a lighter key chain, and to date I have no problems to report, and I highly recommend.  It was extremely easy, all you have to do is enter the number on the back of your card and it will create the bar code for you.

Now I have read the reviews on iTunes, and I have seen a bit of negativity in working the application, most of them sound like errors in entering the account number.  Again, I have no problems to report, and I just love the confused look I get at the grocery store when I hand them my iPhone.  Then they see the bar code up for scanning and understand what its for, and they either mutter the words or you can tell by the look on their face “this is so cool” .

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