iphone-3-new-1With this summers release of the feature packed iPhone operating system update 3.0, we have listed the most anticipated features of the upcoming update.

1. CalDAV and ICS Calendar Support

This is a great feature. You will be able to subscribe directly to CalDAV and .ics calendar files. You will not even have to sync through iTunes. Finally, the ability to sync your Google Calendar without spending more money on a workaround.

2. Note Sync

You will now have the ability to sync your notes you have jotted down between your iPhone and computer. You will need to sync this through iTunes.

3. Application Access to Media

Now your iPhones audio content will be accessible from other applications, so you can listen to music while using apps. There has been no deifiative word yet on whether or not the existing apps will be able to utilize this feature without having to update.

4. CoreLocation

Simply put, GPS. Developers will also be able to use the Maps functionality, so nore more having to switch between apps.

5. Shake to Shuffle

Shake the phone to switch songs. I am looking forward to this feature, as I loved it with the iPod Nanos.

6. Auto WiFi Login

Those with TMobile HotSpots rejoice! You will have the option of saving usernames and passwords to these feature.

7. Voice Recording App

These are 3rd party apps available now that let you record your voice for meos and such, but you will now be able to share those notes over email or MMS.

8. Multiple Photos in Email

Finally, the ability to send more than one photo in an email.

What we are not commenting on yet is one of the MOST TALKED about features that we have been told is coming out with this release. TETHERING. There has not been a lot of details about this, but we HAVE been told it is coming in this update. As soon as 3.0 is close to release, and as soon as we hear more information on the update, we will post it up.

This is not the final list of features being released. This is just a listing that those of us at iPhone Fansite cannot wait for! What are YOU most anticipating?

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