While I may spend $400 or so dollars on a phone, I like to keep all the accessories at a reasonably low cost. For that, I do some shooping on everything I buy for the phone. There are quite a few chargers out there, for a lot of money, so finding an affordable charger that works well takes a bit of time. It looks like I found an adequate affordable charger with the Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger for the iPhone and iPod.

The main reason I needed a charger was I was going on a trip which most likely needed some juice while on the road. I was flying, and the seat I was assigned offered a 12v charger slot, so I went looking for one, as I didn’t want to run out of power halfway through the flight.

Not only will this charger work in your car plane, or anywhere with a 12v connection, but also doubles as a sync cable if you need it. Quite handy for traveling, as this took up ZERO space in my laptop bag.

The construction is sturdy, and feels well put together, and does exactly what it says it does: Charges your iPhone or iPod.

Cons: while it works well, the charge time was a little slow for my liking. I am used to the fast charging of the regular plug included with the iPhone, and was kinda bummed when it took much longer to bring the iPhone to a full charge, but I am kinda spoiled I guess in that department.

Price: I see it listed for $19.99 on their website, which is exactly what I paid for it at Target. I do suggest shopping around, as you could always find these a bit cheaper.

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