Okay, so my Motorola Razr finally died, and i couldn’t be happier. In two weeks the new iPhone comes out (July 11, 2008) which means i have a justified reason for getting it.  I’m looking forward to all the nifty things you can do with it too, that i’m hoping will make my life easier.

1. Internet access that will actually look like the internet that I’m used to. I mean i like my Google home page, and now ill be actually able to see it on something other than my computer. How cool is that? My husband actually has an iPhone already, which is why i know about it, and envy it and he yanks it out every time i have some off the wall question, like the other night i wanted to know what Les Miserables was about.

2. The ability to check my emails without it taking forever. I like how fast i send an email to my husband and he gets it on his iPhone just as quick as he would if he looked at it on his computer.

3. And the biggest thing, the fact that i will be able to type it all out quick with the actual keyboard on it, because i don’t know about the rest of you, but hitting the key 2-3 times to get to the letter was DRIVING ME CRAZY, especially when i hit it too quick, going over the actual letter i wanted,  which meant going through it all again.

4. I also like the fact that i can put pictures on it that will be nice and crisp sort of a 21st century “brag book”.  I also LOVE the map feature. It knows where you are, even when you have no clue.

Now i am no big executive or anything, i’m a work at home mom, but having the ability to do all of the those things above means i can actually now spend less time in front of my computer, and spend it taking my daughter to the park more often or play outside more. And the great thing is, if I need to check email or  something, I dont need my computer with me.

I will just pop out my iPhone and voila!

Thank you Apple!

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